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Amazing Places to Check Out in the Monument Corridor Neighborhood in Concord, California 
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About the Monument Corridor in Concord, California

The Monument neighborhood accounts for 12% of the total area and is the most densely inhabited area in Concord. It is Concord's most racially diverse neighborhood, located 2.3 miles south of Buchanan Field Airport. It is predominantly a Spanish-speaking neighborhood. Around 33% of the district's people are Latino, as are 60% of the Monument area's residents.


The Monument Corridor is a historic road that goes through the city of Concord. It's home to diverse businesses and schools and an old cattle drive route that had played an integral part in California history since it was previously utilized for these drives back when ranchers used this area as their grazing land during colonial times! 


Today there are still plenty of historical sites along The Monument Corridors' path so you can get lost in all things 'Monumental,' by learning about what happened at each spot while also enjoying the scenic views. This Concord, California destination is ideal for those who want to explore and appreciate history while also being able to shop, dine, and play all in one area!


Things to Do in Monument Corridor

If you’re looking to live in a town where both education and lifestyle are top priorities, look no further than the Monument Corridor. This area offers excellent schools with plenty of access to nearby shopping centers or restaurants on Highway 24 which make it easy for families who own their homes instead of renting them out - especially during these tough economic times! We have listed a few of our favorite places below:

The Don Francisco Galindo House, also known as the Galindo House and Gardens, is a wonderfully maintained 19th-century house built in 1856. The home, built by Francisco Galindo and his wife, Maria Dolores Manuela, is one of Contra Costa County's few intact Victorian ranch houses. 


Today, the home is surrounded by 1.5 acres of groomed gardens and grounds and serves as a public house museum emphasizing the lives and times of the Galindo family and how they lived in the late 1800s. The museum is managed by the Concord Historical Society, which offers guided docent-led tours on Sunday afternoons by appointment only.

It all started with a garage full of locally gathered specimens and the occasional wild animal. 60 years ago, Alexander “Sandy” Lindsay began his educational endeavors in Walnut Creek by hosting informal workshops for locals who were interested like him - which quickly grew into something more formalized as soon as the idea to create a Junior Museum Association was brought up by people who had the same mind as him. Back then there was no doubt that this would be a successful organization because everyone had such enthusiasm about learning new things.


The Lindsay Wildlife Experience is a one-of-a kind institution that treats more than 5,000 wild animal illnesses and cares for 70 ambassadors from all over California. The museum teaches nearly 100 thousand people about native wildlife every year with its exhibits on display in the hospital room setting as well educational programs throughout!


Lindsay Wildlife Experience's purpose is to link people with wildlife in order to instill responsibility and respect for the environment we share. They achieve this through saving animals' lives with the objective of reintroducing hospitalized patients back into the wild, as well as by presenting guests with exceptional, up-close interactions with its animal ambassadors.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord is a big water park with several water-based attractions, slides, and swimming pools. The theme park is open from May to October and offers a broad range of attractions ranging from family and kids rides to thrilling adrenaline pumping thrills. 


The Hurricane Slide Complex, The Big Kahuna, Dragon Falls, Diablo Falls, and Cliffhanger are popular attractions, and the park also features various food concession stalls and gift stores. On weekends during the season, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord is open all day.

Pixieland is a fanciful amusement park with a variety of entertaining activities and attractions for children. The theme park, which is located on Olivera Road, features a variety of carnival attractions for small children, including an antique carousel, Tea Cups, Frog Hopper, Red Baron Airplanes, Dragon Roller Coaster, and the Pixieland Express. 


The amusement park has everything you need to make your child's birthday party or private event a hit. They offer several areas for celebrations, including private party rooms! There are also many delicious options on their menu - burgers and fries will be easy favorites among kids of all ages (especially if it is messy), while adults may enjoy some tasty shakes too after eating heavy foods all day long.


Take advantage of one of Pixieland's various party packages, or simply picnic at Willow Pass Park.

Concord's communal meeting spot is Todos Santos' historic 2.5-acre downtown plaza. The American Planning Association designated the plaza one of three Great Places in California in 2018. The plaza was established in 1869 as the public square in one of the initial 20 blocks set out for the new town by its pioneer founders Don Salvio Pacheco, Don Fernando Pacheco, and Don Francisco Galindo.


Todos Santos Plaza holds a variety of activities throughout the year, including summer concerts, a farmer's market, and others. It's a great spot to take the family to an outdoor concert or just for a lunchtime stroll in the California heat.


A lovely public park occupies the plaza's center for anyone searching for a place to play or relax. The plaza is packed with picnic tables, chairs, and a children's playground, and also provides free Wi-Fi anywhere you are in the plaza. Todos Santos Plaza is a must-see in Concord, whether you're on vacation, on business, or just passing through.

Living in Monument Corridor

In many respects, the residents of Monument Corridor are kind and hospitable. The area is also quite safe. There's always something going on where people are always out and about walking their dogs, doing some shopping, or dining with friends–so it's a terrific area to meet people and establish friends, especially for those with children. It's also close to several of these churches where individuals can get spiritual nourishment:

  • Refuge | 1187 Meadow Lane, Concord, California 94520, United States

Refuge Church exists to connect people to Jesus and to one another, assisting them in developing life-changing connections. Their aim is to provide a safe haven where people may experience God's love, connect with God and others, and react to what God is doing in the world around them.


They believe that life is supposed to be shared with our Creator and the people He created. Their primary goal is to assist individuals in connecting with and growing closer to God so that they can connect with and grow closer to their community of believers.


They aim to be a church that demonstrates their religion by how they live their lives. That is why they are always looking for opportunities to assist others while also sharing what God has done for them.

For 140 years, they've been a fixture in downtown Concord. They want to connect with people's needs while cheerfully sharing Jesus and helping where God sends them.


They are a church that is guided by Scripture and prayer, and they are a warm place where people, service, and God's love come together. They emphasize hospitality, inclusion, and spiritual talents, and they worship God with joy.


They are united in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit leads them to invite, engage, and share God's Truth with each other, their community, and the world.


They embrace everyone, regardless of their background. They want people to feel at ease. They invite anybody with questions about the service or their church to approach an usher. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact the church office ahead of time.

  • Fair Oaks Church | 1925 Risdon Road, Concord, California, 94518, United States

Do you ever feel that you were meant for more? That is the Bible's message. That, despite the fact that our world is not as it was intended—that our lives are not as they should be—God has entered our damaged world in Jesus Christ to restore it. This excellent news is the foundation of their church!


They are a broad group of people who discover actual life in Jesus Christ in their daily lives. They think that life with God begins now, and that as they learn to live in connection with Jesus, He transforms everything about them—from how they love to how they work to how they play, and everything in between. They are learning to live life as it was intended via Jesus.


If you're seeking something more, they encourage you to join them on Sundays! They are not a perfect church, but by God's grace, they aspire to be a life-giving church where people may get to know Jesus, experience God's life through the love of His people, and be empowered to live a life of purpose and mission with Jesus in Diablo Valley.

The Vineyard family of churches is a mission-minded community dedicated to spreading Jesus' words and deeds into every aspect of human existence. They have determined who they are, what they do, and where they are heading as they assume their position in the larger Body of the Church in the twenty-first century.


The Vineyard is a God-inspired global movement of churches centered on the Kingdom of God. Their religion and practice are governed by the Bible. Their objective is to know the Bible, to practice what it teaches, and to live the manner it depicts.


They accept a wide range of kingdom activities, including as spreading the Good News of Jesus, healing and deliverance, and impoverished outreach. Vineyard churches practice personal worship, actively preparing ordinary people for ministry, responding to the Holy Spirit's initiative and leadership, and joining God's mission in the world.

They are an inclusive community of passionate Christians who want to serve God in their everyday lives and experience fellowship when they assemble each week for worship.


Faith is more than just what occurs on Sundays. It's who they are on the inside and out. They believe in spreading the joy of the gospels on a daily basis and live a life that represents the spirit of Christ at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Monument Corridor

There are several parks, schools, and public libraries near Monument Corridor residents. These amenities are popular with residents from adjacent villages since they are well-kept and tidy. The following is a list of all there is to see and do in Monument Corridor:

The Olympic High School is dedicated to producing students who will reach their greatest potential, appreciate others as well as themselves, and have the knowledge and authority to make decisions that will benefit their communities.


They support trauma-informed techniques that improve emotional safety while providing priority access to counseling and mental health treatments. They relate children' classroom experiences to future aspirations and expose them to a wide range of professional and educational choices.


They teach kids to think critically, solve problems, take responsibility, and make sound decisions in a supportive and demanding atmosphere. They believe that kids learn in a number of ways and that they should be given a range of educational techniques to help them learn. Their graduate students are ready to work, serve, prosper, and compete in a constantly changing world.

Diablo Valley School is a Sudbury model school in Contra Costa County, California, educating students aged 5 to 19. Our framework is built on the belief that young people are inherently involved in the process of maturing into capable adults. Their school is specially created to teach students how to become strong, independent, eloquent, and responsible adults capable of thriving in today's changing world.


The curriculum of Diablo Valley School is real life. Students acquire the most important life skills, including self-confidence, attention, problem-solving, decision-making, academics, personal responsibility, and respect for others. Students experience the problems, responsibilities, and freedoms of real life while in a loving and supporting atmosphere by making decisions and learning to live with the results.


Every person is accountable for determining how they spend their time during the day. Students are allowed to focus on anything they choose for as long as they want. All forms of activity are appreciated equally. Activities vary according to the natural flow of the curiosity that motivates them.

The Markham Regional Arboretum Society was founded in 1981 by a small group of Concord residents who enjoyed gardening. Their ambition was to create a magnificent arboretum on their land, a section of which had been donated to the City of Concord by Ira and Bea Markham in 1966.


Today, Markham Nature Park and Arboretum is a peaceful haven about 20 minutes from downtown Concord. Much of it is still in its original condition, with vegetation only marginally controlled, with its main entrance at the south end of La Vista Avenue. It is traversed by the shade-dappled Galindo Creek.


Despite the fact that Newhall Community Park is the city's largest park, it's surprisingly simple to feel as if you've discovered a piece of paradise in the heart of a hectic metropolis.


The city of Concord bought the first 60 acres of the park from the Newhall Land & Farming Co. in the 1960s. It began as an open place with only a pond and few pathways. As the communities surrounding the park grew, it expanded to include sports fields, bocce courts, and a dog park. There is also a Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a playground, a butterfly garden, and a group picnic space in the park.

  • Concord Library 2900 Salvio Street, Concord, California 94519, United States


The Library promotes academic achievement by offering a diverse population with intellectual, physical, and electronic access to information, ideas, and services. The Library promotes and assists in the development of information literacy, critical thinking, intellectual independence, and lifelong learning.


It enhances accessibility for people, particularly those with impairments. Contra Costa County Library is committed to lowering barriers to access and increasing services and opportunities for all. The Library has a significant impact on people's life by enabling full involvement in society through a range of free services, assistive technology, events, resources, and more.

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