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How Expensive Are 2-Car Garage Doors?

Most people would say that a two-car garage is a must-have when it comes to home ownership. After all, who wants to have to park their car on the street every time they come home? The problem is that many homeowners are surprised by just how expensive a new garage door can be. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the average cost of installing a new two-car garage door and provide some tips on how you can save money. Read on to learn more!

How Expensive Are 2-Car Garage Doors?

Factors Influencing Garage Door Installation Cost

Multiple factors influence how much your garage door installation will cost. Often, you have control over the final price. A custom-designed door will naturally make your final bill higher, but if you want to keep it simple, garage doors can be well within nearly any budget.

Garage Door Size

The larger a garage, the greater the cost of installing a new garage door. Garage door sizes are fairly standardized, with a great deal of cost overlap between similar sizes. The wide cost range reflects varied materials pricing. The most common sizes and average costs are as follows:

  • Single-car garage door (8’ x 7’): $400 to $900

  • Double-car garage door (16’ x 7’): $650 to $3,600

  • Number of Garage Doors

The more doors, the greater the cost. The cheapest option is usually a single garage door spanning the width of a garage entrance, followed by double-garage doors. A custom garage door will cost the most.

  • Single door: $600 to $1,500

  • Double door: $800 to $3,500

  • Custom door: Over $1,000

Garage Door Type

Garage doors are often categorized by the way they open and close. The final price for a certain type of garage door is heavily influenced by the door’s material and any additional hardware that may need to be installed. Below are several common types of garage doors, along with a brief description and a starting point for each type’s cost.

  • Sectional: A sectional is composed of horizontal, hinged sections that are rolled up along the garage ceiling. They are the most popular type of garage door and start at around $700.

  • Single Panel: Composed of a single piece, a single panel garage door slides up above the car when opened. Unlike a sectional door, these do not bend or curve. Single panel doors are the cheapest to install, starting at around $400.

  • Swing-out/Sliding: A swing-out door is typically composed of two pieces that open like regular doors, while a sliding door slides open to rest against the walls of the garage when opened. These doors are uncommon and expensive. You can typically expect prices to start around $1,000.

  • Roll-Up: These types of garage doors are rolled up just above the entrance, much like a window blind. They do not extend across the ceiling. They are typically found starting around $650 but expect to pay a high labor cost.

Garage Door Material

What a door is made of has the most impact on the overall cost of installation, since some materials are, of course, more expensive than others. Each material has its pros and cons, so make sure to choose a material that best suits your specific needs. Below are six of the most common materials, prices you might expect for an 8’ x 7’ garage door, and a summary of each one’s qualities.

  • Metal: Steel garage doors cost between $450 and $1,500 on average. They are extremely common and long-lasting but can rust in wetter climates. Aluminum doors are more expensive, from $500 to $2,000, but they do not rust, are more lightweight, and insulate better. However, metal doors can also be prone to denting.

  • Fiberglass and Vinyl: At around $800 to $2,000, both of these are low-maintenance options that can mimic the appearance of wood. They are long-lasting but can damage or crack in extreme temperatures. They are not easily customizable.

  • Composite: Composite garage doors fall between $750 and $1,600. They are a good, low-maintenance alternative to wood. They insulate well and do not damage easily.

  • Glass: Tempered glass on aluminum or wooden frame makes for a beautiful garage door, especially if you want lots of natural light in your garage. However, they are very heavy and lack insulation. Pricing will be similar to, or slightly more expensive than, a composite door.

  • Wood: Wood doors are sturdy and beautiful, but they require regular maintenance throughout the year in order to stay looking their best. Their exact appearance depends on the type of wood used. All wood doors are pricey, and you should expect to pay well upwards of $1,000.

Garage Door Design

The design of your garage door refers primarily to its appearance and is one of the most customizable aspects of a door. A standard paneled door costs less to start with than French or carriage doors ($700 versus around $1,100), but once you begin to add windows, patterns, door frames and decorative hardware, the costs may become more comparative. If you want a highly customized door, expect to pay $1,000 or more. Minor customizations are much cheaper; door handles, for example, can be found for under $50.

Type of Garage Door Opener

Most garage doors are automatically operated with a manual backup. Garage door openers can last up to 15 years, so they rarely need replacing. Keypads, remotes and smart technology are considered part of the system, but the options you have access to will depend on the opener that you choose. Openers can be installed for around $350, on average.

Other Considerations

Market factors may influence how much your garage door installation costs. Your location and any potential resizing of the opening or remodels to the garage itself will also influence costs. While it can be easy to keep these costs low by planning ahead, make sure to leave room in your budget for any unexpected fees. When consulting with professionals, ask for comprehensive quotes that include all customization fees.

Garage Door Replacement vs. Repairs


Garage door replacements run around the same cost as a new installation. It is possible to save money if you re-use older hardware, like the rails or the opener, but depending on your new door, this may not be an option. Sometimes brands only work with specific rails, or a professional will prefer to replace the entire system for safety or liability reasons. When budgeting, assume the same prices and labor costs that you would for a new installation.


If cost is a concern and your garage door isn’t in terrible shape, consider repairing it—a decision that will likely save over half what you would have spent on a replacement. The cost of garage door repair depends on what element needs to be repaired. Spring and opener repairs run between $150 and $350. For general, minor repairs, you’re unlikely to go over $300.

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